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31 January 2014 @ 12:50 pm
[So Be It, Love!] Chapter 04  
Title: So Be It, Love!
Chapter: 04
Fandom: Hey! Say! JUMP
Genre: Romance, AU
Pairing: HSJxOC
Other Characters: N/A
Rating: PG
List of Chapters: click
Summary: "If I protect what you value the most, will you realize my love for you?"

Kanami is a tomboy-ish girl who - although has an aura that intimidates others - often gets outspoken and has a stubborn mindset. Apart from all that, she finds herself suddenly thrust onto the stage as someone completely different with a transformed personality.

Why not complicate matters more by adding a little dash of boys and romance into the fray?

Notes: This story follows a similar plot-development for visual novels such as Tokimeki Memorial and Uta no Prince-sama. However, I'm not planning for branched-endings for this one (maybe the next!)

"That can't be possible..." Kanami spoke in her head. "I thought I was the only supposed winner from that place."

Indeed the magazine said that this was the only winner from the audition that happened a day ago. Kanami felt that she really had to go back to ask for some details (and perhaps obtain some of her memory back). Something did not feel right to her and she had an urge to get things straight. 

Chinen noticed Kanami's worried look. "Nami, what's wrong?"

Kanami pulled Chinen to the side and whispered to him. "I'll tell you more about it during lunch time. Let's go up to the roof" Chinen nodded in agreement. 

Yuto approached the two. "So what do you say, manager-san? Want to join the club?"

"My answer is still a no!" Kanami grunted. 

"Well you still have some time to think about it. Clubs day is coming up soon and I'd love to hear a yes!" Yuto swung his drumsticks around. "I heard rumors that there's already a transfer student in the works and he comes from an artistic school. I hope whoever it is will join the band..." Kanami noticed that Yuto had a sweatband on his wrist. 

"...Can I borrow that sweatband?" Kanami asked quietly.

You could tell that Yuto had some skepticism with Kanami's comment. "What for?"

"I, uh, want to borrow it for today's gym class. Just for today though, and I'll buy my own tomorrow." Kanami clasped her hands together. "Please!"

"Well you have to sign up for manager during clubs day then!" Yuto handed over his sweatband. 

"Heh, I'm sure you can find a better alternative by them!" Kanami grinned. She half-agreed with the terms and quickly slid it on to hide the bracelet. 

Lunch time came around quite quickly. Chinen and Kanami scurried up the steps to the rooftop to chat. It was the go-to place for quiet talk as the wind blowing around the area would dampen the sound. They sat down at one corner and opened up their bento boxes. 

"So tell me about it." Chinen began. "What's on your mind?"

Kanami took a deep breath and began her story. "So last night I wanted to go buy groceries right?" Chinen gave a quick nod. "I ended up lining up in this long line thinking that it was some sort of super market sale, but it turned out that the line was for the strange audition. I didn't know until I went into the audition room."

Chinen almost spat out the rice. "Were you asked to sing?"

"No, all I had to do was say my name and turn around. Then they took me into some sort of back room and put this strange bracelet on me." Kanami flipped the sweatband a little so that Chinen could see the bracelet for a quick moment. 

"How did they get that on you?" Chinen placed another tamago into his mouth.

"Some guy who called himself my manager slapped it on." Kanami was tugging the bracelet underneath the sweatband. "Then I felt a sudden shock coming from it and then apparently I blanked out. The next thing I knew was that I was back at home.

Chinen stopped eating. "You can't remember what happened? What if something bad had happened? I think we should report this to the police."

"I noticed that my legs were really tired too." Kanami rubbed her calves. "And the thing is, only one person had 'won' the audition. That moment when you said that the person in the magazine looked like me- "

"...you don't think that the girl WAS you?" Chinen froze. 

"I really hope it wasn't me, but I want to get this straight so I'm thinking about going back there to get some answers."

Placing down his chopsticks, Chinen confidently said, "I'll come with you. It's safer if I came along."

Kanami relaxed a little. "Thanks Chii, you're the best."

"You can always count me in!" Chinen tried to lighten up the mood a little. "So this is what you look like in a girly outfit!"

During gym class, Kanami kept on thanking Yuto in her mind for lending his sweatband to her. It pretty much made that class much easier to avoid any attraction to the bracelet underneath. Even when another girl accidentally bumped into Kanami, the sweatband stayed in place.

"I really owe you a big one Yuto..." Kanami huffed as she finished running the lap.

In the girls' changeroom, a classmate came up to Kanami. "Hey, isn't that sweatband on your wrist Yuto's?" she asked. 

Some other girls came around and agreed. "Ooo are you guys going out?" another one chipped in. 

Kanami felt her cheeks heat up. "Of course not! I just borrowed this for the day."

"Don't you guys know each other for a while already?" 

"Er-yeah but-" Kanami began.

"Definitely not as long as you knew Chinen-kun though!" A girl interrupted. 

"Yeah but that's because Chinen and I have known each other since we were babies."

"Wow and Yuto-kun was able to beat that?" Another one looked shocked. 

Kanami was starting to get frustrated. "We are not-"

"S-ure..." The girls giggled. "Even though you're a tomboy you don't have to hide the fact that someone is after you."

"We aren't!" Kanami did not even bother to continue the argument. She knew for a fact that Yuto had no interest in her since the previous year she overheard him talking about how he had set his eyes for girl idols and hopes to date one. Whether or not he actually finds one, Kanami felt sorry for the girl that he dates eventually - Yuto was all about looks. As a tomboy, Kanami's appearance would probably disgust Yuto even if they did go out. He pretty much treats her as another guy and acts rough around her. 

In fact, how Yuto even befriended Chinen and Kanami was a strange yet fated encounter - a side-story worth telling about.