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31 January 2014 @ 12:47 pm
[So Be It, Love!] Chapter 03  
Title: So Be It, Love!
Chapter: 03
Fandom: Hey! Say! JUMP
Genre: Romance, AU
Pairing: HSJxOC
Other Characters: N/A
Rating: PG
List of Chapters: click
Summary: "If I protect what you value the most, will you realize my love for you?"

Kanami is a tomboy-ish girl who - although has an aura that intimidates others - often gets outspoken and has a stubborn mindset. Apart from all that, she finds herself suddenly thrust onto the stage as someone completely different with a transformed personality.

Why not complicate matters more by adding a little dash of boys and romance into the fray?

Notes: This story follows a similar plot-development for visual novels such as Tokimeki Memorial and Uta no Prince-sama. However, I'm not planning for branched-endings for this one (maybe the next!)

"Get this off me!" Kanami pulled at the bracelet which was locked onto her right wrist.

"You'll need that to become an idol." Miya pointed out.

"I didn't want to audition for some crazy idol business. I just wanted to get groceries next door!"

Miya paused. "Wait. You weren't here for the audition?"

"Noooo!" Kanami pleaded to get the bracelet off her. It seemed as if the clasp had sealed itself and there was no way to take it off. "Why is this thing stuck on me?"

Hikaru sighed. "Why do I never have a task which is easygoing...well you're stuck with the part. I have no idea how to unlock it." He held out his hand. "I'm Yaotome Hikaru, your manager." 

"But I said I didn't want to be an idol!" Kanami retorted. Looking at Hikaru as she shook his hand, he did not seem to be much older than Kanami. "Well who can take this off me?"

Hikaru shrugged and took out his phone. "I don't even know if this will work." He tapped a few buttons, took a big breath and pressed START.

A sudden jolt sparked off from the bracelet. Kanami felt like her body was engulfed in fire before a quick ice rush came over her. Her legs wobbled as she tried to balance herself.  When she opened her eyes again, she found herself in front of her apartment door. 

"Wha-?" Kanami could not understand what had happened. She recalled being at the audition but why would she be back at home? Her wrist still had the braclet so she could not have possibly dreamt of the whole encounter. Looking behind the sky was already a dim blue and she deducted that few hours had already passed since her departure from school. As she unlocked the door and stepped in, she noticed that her legs felt unusually tired. 


Kanami turned around to pinpoint where Chinen's sound came from. "You just came back? Did you get what you wanted from the grocery store?" Chinen asked as he pointed at the plastic bags lying on the ground beside them.

"I-I guess so?" Kanami was also wondering what she bought. 

"Here let me help you bring the groceries in." Chinen picked up the bags and proceeded to head into Kanami's apartment. 

"Thanks Chii." Kanami wasn't quite sure as to whether or not she should tell Chinen about what had happened today. Maybe she could talk about it when she can explain it properly. The two of them never kept any secrets between each other. You could even say that there is no one in the world that Kanami trusts more than Chinen. But even so, how was she supposed to describe a strange event that she couldn't remember?

Alone in her bedroom, she flopped onto her bed and turned her body to face the light. Raising up her arm with the bracelet, she took a deep sigh. Hiding the bracelet would be pretty hard during gym class, since everyone wears a white t-shirt. She needed to find a sweat band fast so she could cover it - maybe Chinen had one? Kanami texted Chinen. 

> Kanami: Hey Chii, do you happen to have a sweat band lying around? 

> Chinen: Um let me check. 

> Chinen: Sorry, I can't find one - is it urgent? I can grab one for you tomorrow if you want.

> Kanami: That's okay, I was just wondering for tomorrow's gym class.

Kanami put down her phone and laid her head on her pillow. Maybe she would want to go back to the building so she could find someone who would be able to take off the bracelet. Thinking too hard on the issue made Kanami drift to sleep pretty easily. 

The next day, school was filled with just as much buzz as the first day. Both girls and guys were holding the same magazine.

"Did you hear about the audition? It's featured in this magazine!"

"The winner already had a photoshoot! She looks really pretty!"

"I wonder how well she sings!"

Chinen and Kanami entered their home room and didn't notice the conversation, but they were quickly invited by others to come see the magazines. Chinen was dragged in first by the girls.

"I still think Chinen-kun would have totally won this audition if it weren't for it being girls-only." A girl spoke. 

"LET ME SEE THIS PIC!" Yuto came from behind and grabbed a copy of the magazine. 

"Rude!" The girl pouted and walked away as Yuto jokingly pulled down his eye and stuck out his tongue. "So what do we have here?" Yuto placed his drumsticks in his pocket and flipped open the magazine. "This girl looks cute..." He thought. "Imagine she's a part of our band. We'd rise in popularity in an instant!"

Chinen and Kanami peered over Yuto's shoulder. The photoshoot had the title of "ALERT! New idol KaNa". The pictured girl had long dark brown hair with dark pink highlights. The eyes were definitely her charm point. Under the corner of her right eye had a small crystal star sticker and she was definitely wearing dark pink circle lenses. Her clothes consisted of a similar red-tartan skirt outfit like AKB48's River single outfits.

Kanami felt as if she had seen this girl before, but could not quite put her finger on it. Chinen scratched his head. "Gee, this girl reminds me of you for some reason, Nami."

"No way!" Yuto stood up. "This girl has much more appeal than Kanami. She can even sing! Heck, she'd probably doesn't need to do anything to attract attention. Since the company is close by, we might even see here around sometime! I wonder what her name is, it doesn't say here..." Yuto kept on mumbling and nodding to himself. 

"Where is this company located?" Kanami had a strange little hunch.

"You probably went by it yesterday." Chinen replied. "It's right beside the supermarket where you picked up your groceries."