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24 January 2014 @ 09:36 am
[So Be It, Love!] Chapter 01  
Title: So Be It, Love!
Chapter: 01
Fandom: Hey! Say! JUMP
Genre: Romance, AU
Pairing: HSJxOC
Other Characters: N/A
Rating: PG
List of Chapters: click
Summary: "If I protect what you value the most, will you realize my love for you?"

Kanami is a tomboy-ish girl who - although has an aura that intimidates others - often gets outspoken and has a stubborn mindset. Apart from all that, she finds herself suddenly thrust onto the stage as someone completely different with a transformed personality.

Why not complicate matters more by adding a little dash of boys and romance into the fray?

Notes: This story follows a similar plot-development for visual novels such as Tokimeki Memorial and Uta no Prince-sama. However, I'm not planning for branched-endings for this one (maybe the next!)

There a few days to look forward to in the school year. The first one that comes to mind is day number one - the day where you get to see which home room you will be in and whether it's a hit or miss to be in the same room as your friends, the day you make first impressions, the day you decide if the cafeteria cook is any good for the term, the day you start to sneakingly bribe your teacher, the day you moan about how all the early classes are not your favorites...that's day number one. The rush of nervousness to greet your new classmates and the buzz of excitement fills the air. 

"Ah, I hope Nami remember today is the first day of school." A boy waited in front of an apartment door, ringing the doorbell frantically. 

The door swung open to reveal a short-haired girl wearing a uniform. In particular, the upper half of the uniform was the standard female top: white collared shirt, a red tartan bow tie and a navy blue school-crested blazer. However, she was wearing the male uniform pants.  

The boy frowned. "Are you still going to wear those pants, Nami?"

Mitsuharu Kanami (which was her full name, as "Nami" was just a nickname her childhood friend calls her with) looked down to her pants, paused for a moment and then looked back at the boy. 

"What's so wrong about that, Chii?"

Chinen yanked her pants. "Tacky. You're probably the only girl who wears the uniform like this."

"Well it's not like I stick out or anything. Hardly anyone notices." Kanami grew impatient. "So are we heading to school now?"

Chinen perked up. "Ah right! Let's hurry!"

"Are you sure this will actually work?"

'Well if this fails we can always hope that she'll have some talent to begin with. Otherwise we'll just go with 'things didn't turn out well' and cancel the project." The figure laughed lightly.

"Our whole company would crash if we cancel this one!"

"Oh Hikaru-kun, this won't be the end of the company - my plan will work for sure!" He gave another chuckle. "Now hurry and distribute those pamphlets!"

The front of Kintokaru High was bustling with students trying to reach the boards where the classlists were posted. It wasn't uncommon to hear a sudden "YES!" when a student finds out that he was put into a favorable class. Those who were not as lucky sulked away in the corner. Chinen and Kanami arrived at the boards and slipped through the crowd so they could view the lists. 

Chinen started browsing the boards. "I hope that we end up in the same home room this year, Nami. I can't believe we got separated last year." Chinen had an affinity for sticking with Kanami. After all, they grew up together since their mothers were best friends. Unfortunately, Kanami's parents passed away when she was three, so she was left with the apartment while Chinen's family did the best they could to support her. Since kindergarten, the two of them attended the same school, had similar grades and developed common interests. Sure there were quarrels here and there, but it was almost impossible not to forgive each other. 

"Over here!" Kanami pointed to a classlist. "I think you'd be happy to see this."

Chinen hustled over and developed a bright, gleaming smile. "Let's go then!"

Settling into the new classroom was much easier when you were familiar with your classmates. Kanami wouldn't say that she was THE one that stood out. Some others were much noisier, some like...


Kanami and Chinen did not even bother turning their heads around to the voice. Instead they whispered to each other. 

"I didn't know he was in our home room too." Chinen passed the message to Kanami.

Kanami nodded her head lightly. "I think I recall seeing his name in the classlist though." 


Chinen covered his head with his arms on top of his desk. "We're not that close..." he mumbled as the boy came closer. 

"Good morning, Yuto-kun" Kanami politely answered for Chinen. 

Yuto flipped his school bag onto Kanami's desk and grabbed out two drumsticks. "Are you guys going to join the band club this year?"

"Don't you remember that Nami can't sing?" Chinen couldn't help but chuckle as he recalled the last time he heard her sing.

"Well I wasn't actually asking for a singer." Yuto frowned. "Of course I would never ask Kanami to sing." While Yuto shuddered, Kanami crossed her arms in disapproval. "I was actually referring to you, Chinen. I'm looking for a manager for our group. It's getting hectic trying to sort out approval forms for the school while trying to fill out and create audition materials for agencies. Of course it'll help if the person had some musical talent to so he could give some critique and such."

Some girls overheard the conversation and came over. "Chinen-kun, you'd be much better off going to audition as an idol instead."

Chinen waved his arms around. "I can't do that."

A girl commented. "I think we would all believe you would make it. Last year you performed so well during the talent show."

Chinen was 'forced' to perform in last year's talent show due to a bet that he made with Kanami. In the end, it seemed that Kanami was defeated since Chinen became much more popular at school instead of humiliating him. On the other hand, Kanami cannot even produce a four-tone melody without rushing off-tune. 

"This is an awesome opportunity though." The girl added. "This pamphlet says 'no talent necessary'. Maybe you can give it a try too Kanami. Auditions start today until they find the idol." 

"Frilly dresses and short skirts? No thank you." Kanami shook her head. Up until now in her lifetime she had only worn shorts or pants. 

But let's make it obvious now - she's going to wear skirts soon.